[Monster Hunter: World] Recommended weapon for beginners of the MHW [Shiro’s MH blog]


Recommended weapon of the MH:World

Hi I’m shiro. I have played the monster hunter series since MH3G was released in Japan and I’m looking forward to MH:world also. I played its Beta test and I found a weapon which I want to recommend for MHW beginners and starters.

The weapon is hammer.

Strength of the hammer

*Its moveset is simple and easier to learn than other weapons (ex. Gunlance or Charge blade).

*Self-reinforced way is easy. It’s only charge.

*It makes monsters stun and take their stamina easily.

Weakness of the hammer

*You may blow your teammates off by its some actions on online play, like upswing. You need to take care around if you play with them.

*It is unable to cut monsters’ tail because it is a blunt weapon. You need to find alternative ways (strip materials or ask your companions to cut it.. ) if you want it.

*Some monsters don’t get fatigue. For example, Elder dragons don’t get fatigue therefore you cannot take their stamina unfortunately.

Basic moveset and combos

*Charge attack(keep pressing R2 and release)
Charged side blow and charged follow up(adding pressing triangle)

Charged brutal upswing

(just releasing R2) Charged big bang
(L stick & triangle) spinning bludgeon

*Triangle with hitting 3 times in a row
Over head smash1 -> Over head smash2 -> upswing

*Circle with hitting 5 times in a row
Big bang1 -> Big bang2 -> Big bang3 -> Big bang4 -> big bang finisher

New action [Power charge]

You can do [Power charge] by hitting circle while you are charging. Its buff effects are ..
*Added 7% plus damage point
*Some actions’ movements are changed, charge Lv2, Lv3 and so on.
*Super armer is added.
*It’s discharged when you put your hammer back or are knocked down by a monsters’ attack.

I think we should use it as much as possible we can because It gives powerful buff.

A playing movie of the hammer

I introduce a hammer expert’s playing movie (It’s not my playing movie). I appriciate him(*’▽’)

Power charge -> Charge Lv1 -> triangle (3 times in a row) -> Charge Lv1 -> triangle ->dodge ->circle(5 times in a row)

Charge Lv1(stopped the 1st blow) -> Left stick & triangle(Side smash) -> circle(5 times in a row)
Giving a combo to paralyzed Rathalos, The side smash which can be drawn quickly, It’s useful.

Special charged big bang after the power charge

Delaying Charge Lv1 attack, The most of the hammer’s attacks accept delaying button inputs. It would make your fighting more flexible.

The circle 5 times combo looks like the easiest way when monsters fall down.

I think the hammer is one of good weapons to learn basic playing of the MH world ( ‘ω’)b