[Monster Hunter: World] Introducing 2 routes of the “A simple task” quest with playing movies [Shiro’s MHW blog]


A simple task quest comes again

Here comes the quest of “A simple task” between UTC: 6/29 00:00 – 7/5 23:59 again.
I introduce 2 routes to pick up tracks efficiently with movies. One is that you can pick up 26 tracks of Threat Lv2 and 25 tracks of Threat Lv1 about 11 minutes also some ivies and dungs on its way, the another is that 16 tracks of Threat Lv2 by about 4 minutes.

T1&T2 tracks, ivies, dung 11 minutes route

You may come across grimalkynes at the end of the route if you are lucky.

Only T2 tracks and ivies 4 minutes route

Desirable skills

Intimidator Lv3
Enable to keep small monsters away on your way, Available Ghillie Mantle instead of it also.

Scoutfly Range Up Lv1
It makes easily to find monsters’ tracks.

Botanist Lv4
You can pick gourmet shroomcaps and ivies up more.

A 5 rewards quest dones’t come up easily. About less than one 10th..